Tea Time!

📅 March 22, 2017

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England and a steaming ‘cuppa tea’ are two things that I will always enjoy.  Lucky for me, Alessio’s friend Millie invited us to her home for a cuppa! Here’s the rundown of our true British tea adventure!

Location: Brixton, South London

IMG 4665 654x1024

Residential street in Brixton

Millie, Simon, and Ella live in Brixton in South London. From the few streets we wandered, it’s a mostly residential area with a spattering of nice parks and markets. Just on the walk from the train we passed the Brixton farmer’s market and Brixton market; the latter which has an incredible selection of restaurants from all sorts of cuisines! We didn’t stay long, but judging from the multiple places with long wait lines, I’d say the food is good.

__Liquids: Tea & Milk! __

IMG 4666 300x170

Tea, milk, sugar, oh my!

After introductions and petting Lily the dog, Millie brewed us a nice pot of black tea. According to Millie and advice from her grandparents, the best (and only) way to make tea is to add milk till it’s “a nice color” (see picture) and leave out the sugar. Millie’s grandparents felt the same way about adding sugar as Italians feel about pineapple on pizza.

Solids: Snacks!

IMG 4667 1024x768

Flap Jacks for snacks

We may not have eaten crumpets or biscuits, but Flap Jacks (I was just as surprised as you are they weren’t pancakes!) were still a perfect tea time snack. These nut bars had a slight honey taste with a granola-esque texture and went down very easily.

Final Touches: Great Company

IMG 4676 240x300

Millie the host and Lily the pupper

Tea and snacks are always nice, but it’s really the company that makes tea time truly a treat. Millie, Simon, and Ella are all wonderful people and it was a pleasure to have them introduce us to true British tea! Lucky for the world, they host an Airbnb which is in high demand for London travelers. If you plan on visiting London anytime soon, give it a look here and maybe you’ll get a cuppa!

Cheerio from London!