Growing up to be kids

So, what’s this blog all about?

Hello from Sarah and Alessio! We’re a couple of goofballs (or “palla di goof” in Italian) who built a relationship by traveling across the Atlantic to see each other. As you can imagine, we both have a big ol’ travel bug on our shoulders. Here on Polipo Travels, we like to share our adventures in some of the world’s awesome places!

How it all started

On a cold February day, a blizzard just happened to shut down the subway and trap two people in a Brooklyn apartment (spoiler alert it was us!)  We played Mario Kart all night and decided we liked each other. After a week, Alessio had to go back to Italy and I (Sarah) stayed in New York. After three months, NYC-Sarah decided to go visit Italy-Alessio. That Roman adventure solidified a relationship, which led to a lot of plane tickets, adventures, a re-location to Italy, a wedding, and finally a move back to NYC! Here’s our way of sharing those adventures with you. Head back to our main page and scroll down to see our current posts. Enjoy!

P.S. Molto polipo means “A lot of octopus”. Back in the days of our budding travel based relationship, I was a bit shy and and used “molto polipo” as a code for telling Alessio I liked him (it was my favorite phrase in Italian, plus I like octopuses). Since then, the Italian way of open expression and exuberant feelings has rubbed off, but “molto polipo” has remained one of our favorite phrases. Plus, octop/i/uses/odes are truly amazing creatures. Here’s proof!